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Pictured are James and Mary's six eldest grandchildren.
In the back row, pictured from left to right, are: Robert, Mark, and Tammy.
In the front row, pictured from left to right, are: Kelly, Melischa, and Virginia.

The Clark Family Index was created to document the family of James F. and Mary E. Koetting Clark and their descendants.  James and Mary were married in 1950, together they have four children, eight grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, and many great-great-grandchildren.

James has taken multiple DNA tests, through different genetic testing companies; Ancestry, 23andme, and FamilyTreeDNA.  If you are curious to see if you are a DNA match to James, we suggest testing with one of the three companies linked above.

The Clark Family Index was created and maintained, by James and Mary's

granddaughter, Victoria Clark Swanigan.

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